Fast Growing Powersport Vehicle and Equipment Company in Southwest Florida


This incredible powersports company has grown immensely over the past year, increasing revenue by nearly 45% in just one year. The company maintains a contract for off-road vehicle and mower sales for the next five years.

Although business can be seasonal, there are products that rotate in popularity depending on the season. For instance, mowers are most popular in summer. They carry many different brands of many different products. They have built long-lasting great relationships with their vendors and have fantastic buying power. The service department serves to create lasting relationships with the customers. It also adds a boost to the bottom line.

This company prides itself on selling fun. All the employees have fun with their jobs because they're selling fun products. There are two managers, and three full time employees. One is an outside sales rep who specializes in acquiring large commercial contracts and government contracts so the business will supply the machinery for many local landscaping companies.

This business is in an ideal location, visible from a major highway that hundreds of landscapers pass on their way to jobs. It is one of the best advertising tools they have. The company also has an incredible social media presence, and a modern, well-crafted website.



There are a few competitors, but they are not difficult to work around with a proper marketing strategy. A couple of the competitors have locations in multiple states, but due to the contracts that this company has, it will be possible to surpass them in sales in the long run. Other competitors simply do not offer the variety of products that this company does.


Growth / Expansion:

There are still products and brands to be attained. Increasing product selection will be crucial to expansion and will require additional capital, but with the current outside sales rep, and possibly another one or two, it will be possible to grow this business exponentially. Maintaining the current online marketing will be a must, and expansion can be found online as well by placing ads on Google, Facebook, etc.



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Ideal location visible from highway where hundreds of landscapers pass by.

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