Tourism Business With ZERO Competition In South Florida

Category :  Recreation SIC :  7999  
Detail :  Tourist Attraction Price :  995,000  
County :   Down :  995,000  
State/Prov :  Florida Adj Net :  303,136  
Country :  USA Sales :  578,119  

**Price Includes Transportation Used For Tours**


An absentee owner business in one of the busiest tourism cities in Florida with established relationships and partnerships within the tourism community. With tours ranging from 5 minutes to 1 hour, customers are able to see the beauty of the area. Management and staff provide exceptional customer service during these tours bring fantastic reviews in multiple websites as well. This business has created a monopoly within the area tours as they are the only one in town. Because of this they have forged relationships with all major affiliate websites, hotels and cruise lines while still maintaining direct bookings as their main source of tours. This business is priced to sell.

Reason for Sale :  Retire From Area
General Location :  South Florida
Organization Type :  'LLC'     Hours Owner Works: 0
  :  Years Established : 5  Years Owned:  5  Emp FT:  2  Emp PT:  1  Mgrs:  2
Non Compete :  Miles:  150  Years:  3  Weeks Training:  4  Cost:  0
Operating dys/hrs :  M-S, hours vary but typically 9am to Sunset
Skills/Licenses :  FAA LOA and FAA DAP
Business :  Is Relocatable: N    Is Home Based: N    Is a Franchise: N    Is Lender P/Q: N    May Qualify For Visa: Y


Data Source P/L Statement Tax Return Tax Return  
Year (Cash Flow) 2019 (N) 2018 (N) 2017 (N)    
Gross Revenue 578,119 803,634 578,019  
Cost of Goods 1 1 1  
Gross Profit 578,118 803,633 578,018  
Expenses 555,400 663,666 478,660  
Net 22,718 139,967 99,358  
Owner Salary 30,769 35,809 18,000  
Benefits 249,649 364,383 179,377  
Interest Expense 0 0 0  
Depreciation 0 0 0  
Other 0 0 0  
Owner Benefit 303,136 540,159 296,735  

Accounts Rec 0 N* Real Estate 0 N*
Inventory 0 N* ___________ 0 N*
F F & E 420,500 Y* Total Assets 420,500 Y*
Leasehold 0 N*   *Included?  

Lease/Month: 1,360 Square Footage: 300 Building Type: Shared Offices
Terms & Options: 1 Year Option   Expiration Date: 10/15/2020

Loan/Assumable - Amt:  0   Mos: 0  Rate: 0.00   Mo Pmt: 0.00  
Loan/Seller - Amt:  0   Mos: 0  Rate: 0.00   Mo Pmt: 0.00  
Loan/Other - Amt:  0   Mos: 0  Rate: 0.00   Mo Pmt: 0.00  

JASON A. BROOKS Office :   (239) 849-9334  
ASSOCIATE Agent Direct :    
3510 KRAFT ROAD Cell :   (239) 357-7073  
NAPLES, FLORIDA 34109 Email :   [email protected]  
USA Home Page :



Background information



Reason selling:

Retire from area






Profit type:

Discretionary Earnings



• Additional online ticket sellers can be added • Billboard located on in high traffic area is available • Contact Tour Bus companies that visit area which bring over 1,000 people per day on average • Current capacity during season is about 40-50%. There is a clear opportunity to increase capacity to 70-80% very easily without adding an additional transport • Increased spend in advertising. • Grow social media via stronger marketing and advertising. Currently there are 27,000 followers on Instagram and 6,500 followers on Facebook. There is no advertising being spent on social media to attract more followers or sales to website or calls • There are currently locations available which would provide a better location and interaction with customers


There is no competition in area. There have been competitors in the past but all have failed to build anything because of the relationships already built by current business. The leasing company is not interested in allowing another competitor also. All hotels, restaurants and tourism companies in area have personal relationships with businesses staff. Cruise Lines are very structured and earning their business and trust is very hard. The business has earned that trust with these cruise lines and has a 2 year agreement with auto-renewal.

Price and terms



Down payment:



Seller agrees to train for 30 days at $0 cost.